Our Story

About 40 years ago, a gentleman who worked for a famous cookie factory in Sicily, decided it was the time to start making cookies on his own, and together with his wife opened they own cookie shop. Francesco La Tona and Anna Anitra had a big family to support, and after a couple of years they moved to Cerda (Sicily), were they opened a pastry shop receiving lots of feedback and approval from local customers. Their products were made according to antique recipes and old traditions.

Unfortunately, an economic recession forced them emigrate and seek better opportunities in the more prosperous economic environment of Northern Italy. It was there, 13 years ago, that “Dolci di Sicilia” was founded. The family owned business aimed its philosophy to make people enjoy the antique taste of Sicilian confectionery delights. It was during these years that the three sons of Mr. and Mrs. La Tona gradually got more involved and eventually to cover their parents’ shop.

Business flourished for many years, during which people from the North would enjoy and appreciate the Southern rich flavors proposed by the La Tonas. Unfortunately, an economic recession that hit Europe in recent years, forced the La Tona brothers to make a more radical decision and seek better opportunities overseas. In fact, they chose South Florida as new home for their families and business.

Today, the story of Dolci di Sicilia continues in Miami Beach, delivering the rich taste of Sicilian confectionery delights that had distinguished the art of their father when he founded the company 40 years ago.

I am Michele, my friends call me Franco, and this is the little story of our pastry shop which, thanks to my parents, my siblings, my wife and our many, many clients and friends, continues to deliver quality and tradition.